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Meet The Founder

How the Problem Sparked a Solution


From Dream to Design

I travel a lot, whether for business purposes or personal reasons. I found that the weather conditions at the destination may vary from the start of the trip to the end of my trip. As I spoke to people, I found preparing for varying weather conditions encountered during a trip is a common problem. For example, I may wear a jacket at the start of a trip due to cool temperatures, rain, or wind and then I may need to carry a coat to prepare for rain or weather that is forecasted at the final destination. Additionally, during the course of the trip, I would remove my coat for various reasons.

Room to Carry

I may remove my coat when traveling through airports, and train stations, or when stopping for meals or meetings. In these and similar scenarios, I needed to carry my coat for part of the day, which can be an Inconvenience; especially if it is a heavy coat. I would try to stuff my coat into a briefcase or carrying case, drape the coat over my luggage, or wear the coat even when it is not needed.


From Here to There

Once the coat is removed, it is easily left behind. It can fall off the luggage or be left behind unintentionally at one of the stops made during the course of the trip and you don’t realize you have left your coat behind until you board the next plane (with no time to go back and get your coat) or when you get to your destination. I knew there was a need for carrying devices that allow me and others to carry coats when they are not being worn, as well as other personal items.



From the Boardroom

To Your Boarding Zone

"One benefit I didn’t think of with the coat carrier was TSA. I have my coat, briefcase, phone, and umbrella in my coat carrier. Because the top is shut everything is secure. I simply put it on the TSA belt. It comes out the other side, I pick up the coat carrier and I keep going. What a great product."

Bill M, Customer

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