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Our Promise

Our Purpose

We envision a world where young people can enter the workforce by becoming self-reliant through free skills and training, thus enabling a path toward social and economic progress. 

Creating Opportunity

Today when young individuals from underprivileged neighborhoods want to start a career, they often lack the basic skills/training to enter the business workforce and begin to build a career. Their options are limited, and this often perpetuates cycles of poverty. 

A Small Product with a Big Reach

We are manufacturing high-quality consumer goods that meet consumer needs and through donating a large % of the sale of these consumer goods to programs we will create to educate these young people on basic job skills – creating effective resumes, teaching how to interview, teaching basic and advanced business skills and providing the skills to find, apply and interview for a job with an emphasis on business differentiation.


Our Goals

1 / Opportunity

Providing opportunities to individuals through communities programs focused on building professional skills

2 / Resources

Equipping aspiring professionals through resources, tools, and skills.

3 / Empowerment

Empowering the future generation with alternative avenues to success

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